Unique Bamboo House Design in Bali

Local Balinese practice Ibuku has designed a unique bamboo house design in Bali called the Green Village. It’s a community of ecological houses sitting along the ayung river, within walking distance of the educational facility. The designer using bamboo as its only building material on a multitude of scales. the houses are amongst the first structures that use very traditional building methods and local craftsmen that result in a high quality structure and life. unique bamboo house design  Ibuku is an international design-build team creating a new way of living. We exist to provide spaces in which people can live in an authentic relationship with nature. We do this by designing fully functional homes and furniture that are made of natural substances and built in ways that are in integrity with nature.

Ibuku’s custom furnishings have captured the imagination and heart of some of the world’s leading designers, entrepreneurs and politicians. Bamboo is uniquely strong, beautiful, and flexible, and with it’s four-year growth cycle and carbon sequestration it is a uniquely efficient resource. Though bamboo has traditionally been used throughout Asia in short-term structures, new treatment methods have given it a capacity for long life. We harvest and treat all of our own bamboo, selecting for density and maturity, then lab test to confirm its integrity. unique bamboo house bedroom design  unique bamboo house bathroom design  unique bamboo house family room design unique bamboo house living room design unique bamboo house dining room design unique bamboo house dining room design with round table  unique bamboo house kitchen design unique bamboo house balcony design unique bamboo house office design unique bamboo house staircase design unique bamboo house interior design unique bamboo house door design unique bamboo house lighting design

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