Unique Office Desk and Dining Table with Geometric Shape by Natalie Goldfinger

A Florence design graduate, Natalie Goldfinger has created an unique office desk and dining table with geomatric shape called the Swarm. The designer of the cutting-edge table is American student Natalie Goldfinger, a graduate of the inaugural Master of Furniture Design run by the Florence Institute of Design International. Natalie says she drew her inspiration for the inventive design from nature, finding herself compelled to capture the beauty of natural movement in her creation.
unique office desk and dining table  The table is a geometric interpretation of the dynamics of movement found in nature and will be constructed from all natural and sustainable materials including mostly wood. ‘Swarm behavior is the collective motion of a large number of self-¬propelled entities,’ Natalie explained. ‘It is an emergent behavior arising from simple rules that are followed by individuals and does not involve any central coordination.’ The effect of movement and motion is achieved through a series of interlocking black and white triangles of numerous sizes. unique office desk and dining table  Made up of three separate table elements that interlock, the unique piece of furniture can be configured in several variations. The small table, office desk and long table can be used as three separate pieces, or put together in different formations to create everything from a larger office desk to a medium or even large dining table with serving tray. unique office desk and dining table  The contemporary table system will be produced by a Florentine artisan as a limited edition release. The unique piece was visualized by Natalie during her time at the FIDI, under the tutelage of internationally renowned professor arch. Leonardo Rossano. Rossano was one of the talented architects under whom Natalie studied as part of the first group of students to graduate from the new Master course. unique office desk and dining table  unique office desk and dining table  unique office desk and dining table

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